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Star Trek: Enterprise, episode 67 (3.15)

Last Modified: 28 Jun 2006 13:30:03

Scott Bakula   IMDB   Captain Jonathan Archer
Connor Trinneer   IMDB   Commander Charles Tucker III
Jolene Blalock   IMDB   Sub-Commander T'Pol
Dominic Keating   IMDB   Lieutenant Malcolm Reed
Anthony Montgomery   IMDB   Ensign Travis Mayweather
Linda Park   IMDB   Ensign Hoshi Sato
John Billingsley   IMDB   Chief Medical Officer Phlox
Guest Cast:
Noa Tishby   IMDB   Amanda Cole
Thomas Kopache   IMDB   The Alien
Steven Culp   IMDB   Major Hayes
David Livingston   IMDB
Rick Berman   IMDB
Brannon Braga   IMDB

Enterprise rescues a dying alien from a colossal spatial anomaly, and he refuses to reveal why he was there. Meanwhile, tensions between Reed and Hayes heat up as new training drills begin.
As Enterprise heads for the red giant star that Archer believes to be the location of the Xindi weapon, the ship encounters a massive spatial distortion. They discover a small craft within the anomaly and pull it to safety. Inside the craft, they find an unconscious alien being hooked up to monitoring equipment. The alien, notes Phlox, is suffering from rapid cellular degeneration. Once revived, the alien insists on being returned to his ship, but Archer can't help but be suspicious of his motives.

T'Pol and Trip study the alien's pod and come to the conclusion that the alien was placed in the spatial anomaly so that someone could keep track of his exposure to the environment - he's a test subject. The pod's hull also contains the same combination of alloys found in the surface of the Expanse's mysterious spheres. As the mystery grows, Archer insists on questioning the alien further. The alien, however, won't reveal much and just claims he is from a trans-dimensional realm and that he's a prisoner participating in an experiment he knows nothing about.

Meanwhile, long-simmering tensions among the Enterprise crew begin to boil over. T'Pol learns that Trip has been holding Vulcan neuro-pressure sessions with MACO Amanda Cole and is surprised to find herself distracted by the situation. When she confronts Trip about it later, the two finally give in to their mutual attraction and consummate their relationship. Also, Major Hayes convinces Archer to allow the MACOs to put the ship's security team and senior officers through a series of training drills. Reed, who has resented Hayes' presence from the beginning, feels that his authority is being challenged. The two become increasingly combative during the training sessions and end up engaging in a full-out brawl.

Back in Sickbay, the alien's condition seems to be taking a turn for the worse. As soon as Phlox turns his back, however, the alien attacks him and disappears through the wall, into the ship. As the alien disrupts systems throughout the ship, the crew frantically attempts to track him down. They eventually realize that he's headed for Engineering. Reed and Hayes - putting aside their differences for the moment - race to Engineering and find the alien plunging his arm into the warp reactor. The two men work together to trigger a feedback response that blasts the alien, and he is knocked to the ground, unconscious.

Later on, Archer chastises Hayes and Reed for their juvenile behavior. The two men seem to have come to a sort of understanding, however, having worked together so successfully to stop the alien. Meanwhile, T'Pol and Trip are forced to deal with the awkwardness that follows their intimate encounter. T'Pol coolly thanks Trip for his help in her "exploration of human sexuality" and the two agree to forget that it ever happened. They do, however, decide to continue their neuro-pressure sessions.

In Sickbay, the alien is drawing his final breaths. Archer demands to know why the alien tried to destroy Enterprise, but the alien can only offer cryptic, chilling last words: when the Xindi destroy Earth, he says, his people will "prevail." With that, he disappears, leaving Archer with even more questions than before.

By Ex Deux on 12 Feb 2004 07:01:00
"Strategem"'s closing scene last week was reminiscent of the closing scene of DS9's "Call to Arms" for building momentum to a bigger story about to unfold. Like an alcoholic with a five dollar bill, "Harbinger" squanders that momentum and all the work of its strong two preceding episodes, in favor of a disjointed mix of storylines filled with out-of-character behavior.

After a series of episodes filled with alien attacks, starships, and explosions, "Harbinger" is a bottle show in which most...

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By The Trek Nation on 12 Feb 2004 05:42:00
The significant storyline, the alien who may be one of the fabled Makers of the Expanse, got the short shrift by far in exchange for crewmembers punching each other and doing the nasty. Yes, I know sex is not supposed to be nasty, but a beautiful expression of desire between people; in this case, however, there was nothing beautiful about it, unless beautiful bodies are supposed to make the sex beautiful, but with the butt shot trimmed, even that's a letdown.

The "Previously on Enterprise"...

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